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Looking for the Top Suffolk County Personal Injury Lawyers?

Whether you’re faced with mounting medical bills, pain and suffering, or lost wages, an accident can be the start of the most challenging time of your life. When an accident or personal injury interrupts your life, you need a dedicated group of personal injury attorneys on your legal team.

No matter your circumstance, The Law Office of Carl Maltese is on your side. Our Suffolk County personal injury lawyers have extensive experience helping injured clients in this New York county and the surrounding areas take sound legal action against those responsible for their injuries.

Do not put your health in the hands of insurance companies that only want to protect their bottom line—turn to our experienced Suffolk County personal injury lawyer and legal team and let us fight for your future, beginning with a free case evaluation.


$10,000,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a woman that was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The defendant had no license and ran a red light. The client had catastrophic injuries that left her in a vegetative state.

$1,450,000 (Suffolk County Case) for an electrical apprentice injured while working. The client stepped into an opening that was not properly guarded. He sustained injuries to his lower back and hip. Due to the accident he had to have his hip replaced. The defendants argued that his symptoms were age related and degenerative.

$1,370,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a truck driver that had his hand crushed by a beam while being loaded on his truck. The defendant argued that he was primarily responsible for the accident and should have been paying closer attention.

$875,000 (Nassau County Case) for a woman that was hit in the rear by a drunk driver.

$1,258,500 (Suffolk County Case) for man that was struck by a drunk driver. The other driver admitted to running a red light. The client suffered serious injuries including a broken arm and broken pelvis. In addition, the client had to have a surgery to his urethra. The settlement included funds from the convenience store that sold the other driver alcohol.

$800,000 (New York County Case) An electrician from Suffolk County tripped and fell over construction debris. He fractured his non-dominant hand and underwent several surgeries. The defendant argued that the debris was “center piled” easily seen and that the plaintiff was not looking where he was walking. The case settled prior to trial.

$750,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of her office. She injured her shoulder and neck. Both areas required surgery. The insurance company argued that her neck surgery was due to a prior injury and her shoulder surgery was needed due to degeneration. On the eve of trial the case settled at mediation.

$750,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a woman that fell in a horse barn. As a result of the fall she fractured a bone in her wrist and underwent surgery.

$700,000 (Queens County Case) The client was a male in his late sixties that was working at a school in Suffolk County and was injured by a person delivering supplies. As a result of the accident he had surgery to his back and neck. The insurance company argued that his problems were degenerative. Most problematic was that prior to the accident he was told he needed neck surgery.

$700,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a woman involved in a motor vehicle accident. The client did not have any broken bones or any surgeries but was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS. The defendant argued that her injuries were minor and her pain was a result of psychological issues.

$600,000 (Queens County Case) for a New York Police Department officer from Suffolk who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Queens. The defendant ran a red light and struck the police car. As a result of the accident he underwent two knee surgeries and was not able to return to work.

$590,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was driving a car for work and hit in the rear. The accident aggravated pre-existing injuries in his shoulder and neck. He had to undergo surgery to both body parts. The insurance company argued that the impact between the vehicles was light and that all his problems existed prior to the accident. Prior to arbitration the case was settled.

$575,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a client that was a passenger in a car accident. As a result of the accident he suffered a broken arm and a broken ankle.

$560,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was in two car accidents that were six weeks apart. He injured the same body parts in both accidents. We were able to commence one lawsuit against the people responsible for each accident. This made it very difficult for each defendant to blame the other for the client’s injuries. The case settled after it was placed on the trial calendar.

$530,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was sixty two years old and involved in a motor vehicle accident. The two vehicles sustained very little property damage. She injured her knee and aggravated a pre-existing neck injury and had surgery to both body parts. The insurance company claimed her neck surgery was unrelated to the accident and blamed her problems on a prior motor vehicle accident she was involved in. The insurance company retained a bio-mechanical engineer that was going to testify at trial that the impact was too light to cause her injuries. After being scheduled for jury selection the case settled.

$500,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a woman that was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The client’s car had no visible damage. The client had a serious back injury that required surgery. The insurance company offered $250,000 claiming the injury did not come from the accident. After beginning the trial, a settlement of $500,000 was reached.

$475,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was hit in the rear while stopped at a light. The defendant testified that he was also stopped and took his foot off of his brake and rolled into the client’s vehicle. The client’s vehicle had a dent and approximately $700. in damage. Several years prior to the accident the client had neck surgery and at the time of the accident he was still suffering from neck pain. The accident aggravated his problem and he was forced to undergo two additional neck surgeries. The defendant contended that he would have needed the two surgeries even if the accident did not occur. The case was settled while on the trial calendar.

$475,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a woman involved in a car accident. The defendant’s vehicle backed into her car while she was stopped. As a result of the accident she had surgery to her lower back.

$400,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was driving when the defendant hit her car in the rear. Her car sustained very little damage to its rear bumper. The client did not make complaints of back pain in the Emergency Room but within several weeks back pain developed. She ultimately had surgery to her lower back. She missed very little time from work and had an excellent recovery. The insurance company’s doctor stated that her surgery was unrelated to the accident. After an initial offer of $200,000 the case settled at mediation for $400,000.

$400,000 (Nassau County Case) for a seventy-five-year old woman who slipped and fell on ice. She sustained a broken ankle which required two surgeries. The defendants argued that she was not watching were she was walking. During the trial a settlement was reached.

$375,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was hit in the rear while driving. The client did not see a doctor until four months after the accident and missed no time from work. The client’s injuries required surgery to his neck and the insurance company claimed that it was not related to the accident. They offered $75,000 to settle the case. After a mediation with a judge the case settled for $375,000.

$350,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a seventy-six year old woman who was a passenger in a motor vehicle involved in an intersection collision. As a result of the accident she had surgery to her neck. The defendant argued that the problems with her neck were degenerative and age related.

$150,000 (Suffolk County Case) for a man involved in a motor vehicle accident. The defendant admitted to running a red light, but his insurance company refused to make a settlement offer. The client suffered a herniated disc in his neck and a torn labrum in his shoulder. The insurance company claimed these “soft tissue” injuries were not deserving of any compensation. A Suffolk County jury awarded him $150,000.

$100,000 (Suffolk County Case) the client was hit in the rear and her car had $750 in property damage. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. The insurance company initially offered $5,000 to settle the case which was rejected. During the course of litigation, the insurance carrier made a motion claiming that she did not sustain a “serious injury” and asked the judge to dismiss her case. The motion was denied, and litigation continued. After prolonged litigation on the eve of trial the insurance company agreed to pay their entire $100,000 policy.

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Serving Smithtown, Commack, Kings Park, East Northport, Hauppauge, Nesconset, and the surrounding communities, attorneys C. Alex Maltese, Diane Maltese, and the entire team at our Long Island personal injury law firm offer strong representation in the following practice areas:

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Motor Vehicle Accidents, Including Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Motorcycle Accidents

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Bicycle Accidents

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Pedestrian Accidents

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Construction Accidents

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Slip and Fall Cases and Other Premises Liability Claims

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Dog Bites

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Wrongful Death

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Other Negligent Accidents & Injuries

Founded in 1966, our family-owned Suffolk County personal injury law firm has been in business for nearly 60 years. Since then, we have earned a positive reputation for our experience, dedication, trustworthiness, and unwavering commitment to our clients, accepting personal injury and accident cases both large and small. From catastrophic injuries to wrongful death cases, we’ve won cases that other area lawyers passed on. Our personal injury attorneys live in the community and are committed to making it safer by attempting to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions.

The outcomes we have accomplished have positively affected the lives of countless personal injury victims throughout Long Island, including car accident victims, pedestrians, construction workers, and individuals from every walk of life. As experienced personal injury legal advocates, we understand the importance of helping accident victims put their lives back together. Because of that, we are dedicated to offering only the high-quality representation our clients deserve.

We Are Passionate Suffolk County Accident Lawyers

As a premier boutique personal injury law firm, we firmly believe that no injured person should have to worry about obtaining full and fair compensation. Instead, your focus should remain on making a quick and complete recovery. An injured person does not have the time or capacity to pursue justice against those accountable for their condition, and the last thing you want to worry about is being denied reasonable payment.

That is the job of a qualified Suffolk County, NY, personal injury lawyer. Navigating paperwork, communicating with insurance companies, examining police reports, and working directly with our network of experts are just a few of the ways our attorneys assist our clients, and it’s a role we’re privileged to have.

At The Law Office of Carl Maltese, you are more than just a number, and our clients always come first. We are passionate about advocating for our clients with outstanding legal guidance while forming a trusting attorney-client relationship. Negligence and personal injury cases are all we do, and we have a successful track record of helping clients from East Northport to Nesconset seek compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings, loss of consortium, and more.

We are tough arbitrators and aggressive litigators. You shouldn’t settle for anything less. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Our Suffolk County Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for Full & Fair Compensation

When you come to us with your accident case, our dedicated Long Island personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly to calculate and recover all past, present, and predicted expenses and losses related to your injuries. We will handle all elements of your personal injury claim so you can concentrate on what matters most—your recovery.

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As strong negotiators, we can often settle personal injury cases outside of court, but we are also skilled trial attorneys who will not shy away from taking cases to court when required. When you trust us with your personal injury matter, we will never encourage you to accept a settlement for less than what you deserve.

While the State of New York sets limits on the amount of compensation one can recover for pain and suffering, our Suffolk County personal injury attorneys will attempt on your behalf to recover damages for the many other ways your life has been affected, from lost wages and benefits to the cost of ongoing medical expenses.






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Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or at a construction site, your world has likely been turned upside down. Unfortunately, insurance companies want to minimize the amount of compensation they provide for your pain and suffering. Before settling, consult trusted personal injury lawyers to consider all your legal options and build a plan of action. We know the unethical tactics that insurance companies use and work hard to advance litigation toward the objective of fair and just results.

No matter the extent of your injuries, they’ve affected your life in meaningful ways. Our personal injury lawyers know how to translate that into numbers that insurance adjusters and juries can understand, and we aren’t afraid to go up against insurance companies to help win the full and fair compensation you deserve. Because we represent clients on a contingency fee basis, you’ll never be asked to pay a fee unless—and until—you win your case.

Every minute counts. Do not give negligent parties an advantage while you handle your injuries. Contact The Law Office of Carl Maltese today at (631) 543-8811 to request your free consultation with our skilled local personal injury lawyers.

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