What to Expect From an Auto Accident Lawsuit in New York

While a fender-bender might not call for an auto accident lawsuit, a serious accident that causes physical injuries certainly does. If a car accident results in injuries or even death, a lawsuit can be filed if there’s debate over fault or when an insurance policy can’t cover the damages. There are three main processes involved in a New York injury lawsuit, and throughout each process, a settlement may be reached.

Gathering Evidence During Prelitigation

After an auto accident, you should always try and recover the other party’s insurance information and capture photos or video from the scene. Once you are healthy enough to do so, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. From there, your attorney can help you build the case with additional evidence gathering while communicating with the other party on a settlement. This process takes place before a lawsuit is filed in court and is known as prelitigation.

A Lawsuit Is Filed in Court

Litigation begins once you and your attorney file a lawsuit in court. During this process, both sides of the accident will examine their evidence while a jury reviews the case. If both sides can’t reach a settlement, the jury will make the ultimate judgment and decide on the case.

The Settlement Is Determined

When a settlement is determined, the injured party member could receive financial compensation that accounts for the injuries, medical bills, missed wages, and more. Yet, even if the victim wins their case, it could still be a challenge to receive compensation from the at-fault party. Thankfully, New York car accident lawyers can help track down your settlement award and ensure you receive payment.

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